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Sprints Is Kind of Short Today, But Still Thinks Mark Emmert Should Resign // 02.25.13

All the news that's fit to make fun of, including the stunning hypocrisy of the NCAA and Pat Summitt's memoirs

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There's not much news in our Monday edition of Sprints. And we know that posting has been a bit uneven here lately -- personal life is getting in the way and the Florida legislative session is about to get underway. We'll try and do better.

What exactly does an NCAA president have to do to get fired?
Mark Emmert has overseen one of the most colossal failings in NCAA history and made one of college football's most controversial program a sympathetic figure. So what would the people who are essentially his bosses do?

The NCAA released a statement Saturday, revealing that the executive committee has "unanimously affirmed" its ongoing support of Emmert. Both the decision to make such a statement -- and to do so, without warning, over a weekend -- are highly unusual for the NCAA, which has been under fire for some time over the way many high-profile cases have been handled, most recently the long investigation of Miami.

First of all, as your humble correspondent has said before, Emmert should resign. That aside, the NCAA did not just defend Emmert here. The Association's executive committee did not just given Emmert a vote of confidence, though that's bad enough. It did so unanimously, and it did so in an unusual manner. That's not a qualified show of support -- that's an "attaboy."

Again, I'm generally a supporter of the NCAA's action. But it's now on the edge of becoming an anything-goes program, the same kind of program that Miami's critics have always accused the Hurricanes of being. We've quickly gone from incompetence to hypocrisy.

Pat Summitt's memoir is coming out
The process of putting the book together is almost as fascinating as the book itself is likely to be. But it also raises questions about how bad it appears that Summitt has gotten over the last few years. It's clear that she's already struggling to recall some parts of her career, or at least the chronology of those events. It might have been a good thing that she wrote this book when she did.

Alabama wide receivers coach headed to the Chicago Bears
No word on whether the Alabama receiving unit could beat the Bears receiving unit.

That was creative
Ty Flournoy-Smith was arrested for lying about having his textbooks stolen. Because they weren't. He sold them to a bookstore and just said they were stolen.

Honey Badger no more
Tyrann Mathieu is ditching his nickname in a bid to reinvent himself.