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Sprints is Catching Up on a Busy Weekend // 02.18.13

It was an eventful weekend around the SEC.

Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports


Lowering the boom

With Nerlens Noel out thanks to a torn ACL, Kentucky doesn't have its best and more passionate player. The result? A mediocre Tennessee team took the 'Cats behind the shed with a 30-point win over the weekend. Did I say the Vols took them behind the shed? I stand corrected:

Tennessee - 13-10, 5-6 in the SEC, fighting for relevance and offensively challenged - took Kentucky into, through, around, and behind the woodshed, then set it on fire and burned it to the ground. And around the flames, today we dance.

Yeah, that sounds about right.

David Stern: bad for college basketball

Of course, Noel never should have been at Kentucky in the first place.

Speaking of blowouts

The buzzsaw that is Florida basketball added Auburn to its trail of carnage with a 31-point win. Here, though, that margin only helps give more perspective to the first item: Tennessee beat Kentucky by basically the same degree that Florida beat Auburn. Yeeowch.

You must be new here

Bill Connelly had some complaints about SEC basketball after his Missouri Tigers fell to Arkansas over the weekend. Welcome to the club.

Could it be?

Speaking of, the Razorbacks' win over Missouri is their second really good win after giving Florida its only conference loss to date about two weeks ago. Could they be building a resume worthy of the postseason? We're mainly talking about the NIT here, of course, because #SECBasketballFever.

The Diamond


Mississippi State got off on the right foot by taking its four-game series from Portland, including a doubleheader on Sunday. It's hard to argue with that.

More brooms!

LSU began the year the best way possible by likewise sweeping its opening series. The victim was Maryland, and as you know, it's always nice to gain some bragging rights over the B1G.

Even more brooms!

Auburn also swept its initial series, taking down Maine in straight sets. Those vanquished players got to leave Maine in February, though, so did they really lose here?

Even yet more bro... oh wait

Texas A&M took two of three from Illinois-Chicago this weekend. Way to spoil the pattern, guys.

But really, the West had a real good time

That'll do, fellas. That'll do.

The Rest

This was huge

Nick Saban usually gets what Nick Saban wants, but he can't have South Carolina's offensive line coach Shawn Elliott. Steve Spurrier specifically hired Elliott from App State to bring in the Rich Rodriguez-style spread option offense that led the Mountaineers to three straight I-AA national titles, so retaining him is big for the program's direction.

It's the official summer sport of Canada, eh

We don't follow lacrosse around here, but Dawg Sports is doing some coverage of the sport this year. Head on over if you're a fan.