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Sprints Wishes Nerlens Noel the Best // 02.13.13

All the news that's fit to make fun of, and also the UK big man's injury (which is no laughing matter).

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Not good. Not good at all

Kentucky basketball suffered a big blow last night when Nerlens Noel suffered a potentially catastrophic knee injury in the Wildcats' loss to Florida last night. The shot blocking big man is clearly the best interior defender the team has, and an already non-classic UK team gets weaker without him. Here's hoping he recovers quickly.

Here's a picture of the injury

But fair warning, it's not for the faint of heart.

On the other side of the court

Meanwhile, the Gators notched a rare big win over Kentucky and further cemented themselves as the class of the conference. I would say that the SEC is Florida and everyone else this year, but that doesn't really capture things. The SEC is Florida, a few more teams, and the Sun Belt this year. Sincere apologies to the Sun Belt for that analogy.

I can't think of a reason why these guys should have done this

Four Alabama players were arrested yesterday for the robbery of a student and subsequent use of the student's credit card. That included using it at a vending machine. Violent crime like this isn't funny, and I don't expect to see all of these guys in crimson for much longer.

Because we're apparently your source for B1G news now

The Big Ten has agreed to end the practice of playing I-AA teams in football. It's surprising it took this long after 2007 for them to do so.

I'm not opposed to a school playing a single I-AA team from its own state in a year, as that's a way for the big schools to spread some monetary love around to the smaller schools in the same university system. However that's not what most programs do with their I-AA dates, so I do actually applaud them for making this decision. They do have good ideas every couple of years up there.

52-45 is yes, really, the final

Georgia is struggling to be NIT-worthy, but it didn't help its cause in an ugly, low-scoring affair against Alabama. Sadly, this is not atypical of SEC hoops this year.

They're just playing for pride, but who isn't these days?

After a surprising big win over Arkansas, Vanderbilt looks to build some momentum against Tennessee this evening. Momentum that would give them their 10th win of the season. In mid-February. SEC basketball fever: catch it!

Don't stop believin'

Apparently there are reasons not to give up on Mississippi State's dreadful season just yet. Who knew?