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Sprints is Listening to an Old Familiar Face // 02.12.13

All the news that's fit to make fun of, including an interview with a familiar face, a look at the draft, and a dance move that's shaking Athens.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

An interview with Gerry DiNardo, Parts 1 and 2

These days, Gerry DiNardo is an analyst at the Big Ten Network, and he was gracious enough to do a fairly long interview with our friends at Off Tackle Empire. As you might imagine, it centers on the Big Ten, but it also goes a fair bit into comparing it to the SEC.

DiNardo coached in both leagues, of course, having spent time at Vanderbilt, LSU, and Indiana. Part 1 gets into recruiting differences between the conferences, while Part 2 goes into realignment and the postseason. He thinks the Big Ten might continue stretching to the southeast by poaching more from the ACC, and sooner than you think. Those are pretty bold words from someone who works for the B1G's in-house media.

Decisions, decisions

With National Signing Day in the rearview mirror, the next big player evaluation event for us to follow is the NFL Draft. So,, who is going to go at the top of the list? Oh, the choices are an SEC player or an SEC player. Good to know.

Speaking of recruiting in the rearview mirror

SI's Andy Staples has reevaluated the 2010 recruiting classes based on their actual production over the past few years. SEC schools inhabit the top four spots and five of the top seven. The only thing I'm a bit fuzzy on is on Texas A&M and Florida. A few years of subpar coaching and one breakout 11-2 season pushes the Aggies to No. 1. A few years of subpar coaching and one breakout 11-2 season puts the Gators outside the top 10. What?

Another Cam in the SEC? Sounds great!

It looks like LSU is going to bring in Cam Cameron as offensive coordinator. Apparently it is possible to get excited about that fact. More in-depth stuff here.

Today's film study

Our buddy and occasional contributor kleph has found footage of Alabama's 1931 Rose Bowl appearance against Washington State. As you can imagine, it ended a 24-0 bloodbath because ROLL TIDE.

Today in trendy videos

So apparently something called the Harlem Shake is going around as the new viral video craze thing whatever. UGA swimming and diving would like to chip in its contribution: