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Gator Bowl Will Match Georgia Against Nebraska in a Rematch of Last Year's Outback Bowl

If it's New Year's Day and Georgia is in Florida for its bowl game, it must mean that the Nebraska Corhuskers are the opponent


Georgia really can't have much of a complaint with its place in the SEC bowl order. After all, the Dawgs had an 8-4 record that is equaled or bettered by every SEC team in the field, and so the Gator Bowl isn't a terrible draw. The problem is the opponent.

"Nebraska again? You kidding me?" [Michael] Bennett posted on his Twitter page.

Yes, Georgia is going to play Nebraska. Again. One of the hazards of the SEC having no fewer than three bowls against the B1G every year. Some of that will change with the new playoff, but some of it still will not. The SEC needs a game against the Pac-12 every year and could use another Big 12 game or two. Why the B1G should have a lock on more than quarter of the SEC's bowl games is a mystery to me, but they do.

So Georgia will play Nebraska for a second straight year, this time in the Gator Bowl, which will be broadcast Jan. 1 at noon ET on ESPN2.