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Report: Ole Miss Goes to Nashville to Play Georgia Tech in Music City Bowl

The Rebels need to slow down the triple option, slow down the triple option and slow down the triple option

Stacy Revere

It's Dr. Bo and the Iceman playing Paul Johnson and the Triple Option of ... um, Doom? However you want to put it, the Yellow Jackets are going to be the Rebels' foes in the Music City Bowl, according to Brett McMurphy.

The objective for Ole Miss in this game really shouldn't be that hard to figure out: Stop the option running attack. Good luck with that, especially if you're a team that doesn't face that kind of attack every year, but that's the first, second and third goal of any game against Georgia Tech. You have to be able to stop them once or twice, at least.

Ole Miss is 53rd against the run, though given that they've played Auburn once this year, it might not be quite as bad as it looks. We'll see.

The Franklin American Music City Bowl is scheduled to be broadcast Dec. 30 at 3 p.m. on ESPN.