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Report: South Carolina Playing Wisconsin in the Capital One Bowl

The Gamecocks are once again headed to Florida to play a team from the Up North Conference

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Ah, the bowl speculation machine originally held out promises of a new postseason destination for Gamecock fans, who dreamed about a trip to Texas to take on a Big 12 team in the Cotton Bowl. Would it be Baylor? Oklahoma State? At least it wouldn't be another Florida bowl against another B1G tea--

I'm sorry, The State newspaper. You had something you wanted to tell us?

South Carolina will be making a return trip to the Capital One Bowl.

The No. 8 Gamecocks (10-2) will face No. 19 Wisconsin (9-3) in the Jan. 1 bowl, played at the Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium in Orlando.

I see. Well, at least Gamecock fans will be familiar with the hotels and environs, given that they were just at the Capital One Bowl a couple of years ago. And at least Wisconsin is a new team for South Carolina, which will now have traveled to Florida for a game against a B1G team in three of their last six bowls and five out of their last ten postseason appearances.

The Capital One Bowl airs Jan. 1 on ABC at 1 p.m. ET.