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Report: Auburn Will Play in BCS National Championship Game

Yeah, nobody really doubted it would happen, but the suspense appears to be over. ESPN's Brett McMurphy says the Tigers will be in Pasadena to end the season

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

There wasn't a lot of doubt at the beginning of the day about where Auburn would go, but it appears that what little question remained is gone. The Tigers are going to the national championship game one year after a 3-9 season that included Auburn going winless in the SEC.

Again, Florida State is going to be a tough foe for the Tigers. Auburn will almost certainly be an underdog at kickoff, barring something sidelining Jameis Winston between now and then, and the Seminoles might be favored by double digits. Finishing the BCS era with the conference's streak of national titles intact could end up requiring a victory in the most difficult game for the SEC since the streak began in 2006.

But, then again, this Auburn team has overcome a string of hurdles that everyone thought would end their dream season before now. What's one more miracle for a team looking very much like it has destiny on its side?