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SEC Championship Game 2013: Auburn Leads Missouri 28-27 at the Half

Things were unbelievably wild in the first half of the title bout between the Tigers and the Tigers. Expect more of the same as the game moves to the second half

Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

There's an element of here of being completely unable to describe the first half of the SEC Championship Game between Auburn and Missouri if you didn't see it. A record 55 points to go with 30 first downs, 680 yards and three turnovers between the two teams. As soon as one team seemed ready to take control of the game, the other would quickly score or come up with a stop to throw the whole contest up in the air again.

If there is a troubling sign for one of these teams, it's this: Auburn has rushed for 282 yards total and 7.4 yards a carry. That includes 195 yards and two touchdowns on 23 carries for Tre Mason. If Missouri's defense can't figure out how to stop Auburn more effectively than it has so far -- Auburn had to punt just once in the first half -- it's hard to see them keeping up for much longer.

At the same time, Missouri is still averaging 8.0 yards a play in its own right and is one point behind despite the offensive onslaught by Auburn. And given the way the first half went, there's no reason to believe there aren't a few surprises left in this game. Buckle up.