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Join the TSK Bowl Pick 'Em Group

See if you're the best in the SEC at picking bowl games.

Streeter Lecka

It's that time: get your choices in to see if you're the best in the SEC at postseason picks. It's in Yahoo! Sports just like the regular season pick 'em group was, and you can get to it here. The password is secspeed.

Speaking of the regular season pick 'em group, the winner by a mile was Brandon. Yes, your fearless lead writer and editor was the top picker this year, which I guess is good since the writers are supposed to be the experts. I finished in a respectable seventh, but anyway, congrats to all the top finishers. Here's how the top ten went:

  1. cocknfire's pick, 2008 points
  2. NCAA buttdialing violations, 1881
  3. SECcond2None, 1852
  4. Jams' mediocre picks, 1836
  5. jd, 1834
  6. starry, 1834
  7. Year2, 1801
  8. jbd621, 1798
  9. Bama Engineer, 1794
  10. Stacy Aggie, 1769