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Nick Saban Signs Contract Extension With Alabama, Ending Texas Rumors

Despite what you've heard from the Twitters and the people hawking subscriptions to pay sites, Nick Saban will not be the next Texas coach

Kevin C. Cox

No, Nick Saban is not going to Texas. And this time, we're not saying that based on any speculation or deductive powers. We're saying it because Nick Saban is going to be the head coach of Alabama next year.

The number that's been bouncing around in recent days is $7 million a year, and that's probably not that far from correct. Jimmy Sexton's clients are some of the wealthiest in the business for a reason, and a few of them will also get a nice little bump now that $7 million is the ceiling. Everyone goes home happy.

Except maybe Longhorns fans. It also looks like Mack Brown, the current head coach of Texas, is going to remain as the head coach of Texas -- though there are accounts floating around that the story in Austin might have turned out differently. Certainly, that's going to be the main line coming from the message boards and Chip Browns of the world, and it might just be true. But it's a long way from Mack Brown retiring at Texas to Saban heading to Austin.

If that story's true, though, it could mean that we're in for a fresh round of Nick-Saban-to-Texas rumors next year. And you can go ahead and count me among the skeptics. The reasons that Nick Saban wasn't going to Texas will still be around next year, and one of them (his age) will favor Saban staying in Tuscaloosa even more than it did this year. Nick Saban isn't going anywhere. In all likelihood, there was never any real chance that he was.