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Cupcake Wars: Georgia Fights Alone This Week

Cupcake games: Athletics directors love the sugary sweet treats but fans despise them. So we're not going to give the teams that play them credit in our previews, instead offering a fun fact about the cupcake in question. Consider it our silent and likely futile protest

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Appalachian State vs. Georgia, 12:30 pm ET, WSB Atlanta
You're all probably familiar with Appalachian State, which kicked off the pure, 24-karat insanity that was the 2007 college football season by winning at Michigan to begin what ended up being Lloyd Carr's last season leading the Wolverines. But it was not the first time that the Mountaineers defeated an FBS team or a team in what would become the FBS. (Those distinctions didn't really exist until 1978.) And a win here -- well, I'll let the school's game notes tell you about the history against the SEC.

Appalachian is 1-12 all-time versus the 14 current members of the Southeastern Conference. The Apps’ lone win over a current SEC member came in 1975 when it upset South Carolina, 39-34, in Columbia, S.C. (USC competed as an independent at the time).

#HeadDesk. But, hey, that South Carolina went on to lose the Tangerine Bowl -- really-- so that makes it okay. Or maybe not. But it doesn't really count anyway, because South Carolina wasn't in the SEC and Steve Spurrier wasn't coaching there. Or something.

Also, Appalachian State has a page on its site that tells you exactly what the going rate for naming rights are. You can have the referees' locker room at the soccer stadium named after you for the low, low price of $10,000. Advice: If you take up this opportunity, do not ever allow it to prompt you to say "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?" Georgia 42, Appalachian State 20