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Report: Florida Has 'No Plans' to Fire Will Muschamp Ahead of 2014 Season

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Despite Saturday's disastrous, first-ever loss to an FCS program, it looks like Florida's head coach is safe

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Looking to stop the questions, someone "close to the program" at the University of Florida has made it very clear once again: Will Muschamp will return to lead the Gators in 2014. Seeing as how it can't possibly get any worse for Florida, this should probably close the door on talk of a change in the offseason. (Unless, of course, Muschamp has esophagus issues that we don't know about.)

The University of Florida has no plans to fire Will Muschamp, even after a monumental loss to Georgia Southern, a source close to the program told The Sentinel on Sunday.

"No plans" is pretty strong, and it's hard to imagine a newspaper going with that kind of certainty unless it's someone in a position to know. My first hunch if that it's Jeremy Foley trying to get the word out without sparking more of the "vote of confidence" snark that usually accompanies an athletics director saying he's behind the coach.

The report also says to expect "significant changes to Muschamp's coaching staff." Welcome to reality. If Muschamp were to hold on and retain Brent Pease, the city of Gainesville will be in flames within hours of the announcement. Injuries or not, there is no real way to justify the terrible offensive performance of the last two years, particularly not at a program like Florida.

Only time will tell if this is the right decision, but the decision appears to have been made. Will Muschamp is not going anywhere in 2014. He will almost certainly need a huge season next year to hang around, but his fate this year appears to be settled.