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Aaron Murray Injury: QB Tore ACL and Will Have Surgery; College Career Likely Over

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One of the most prolific signal-callers in the SEC will almost certainly not see the field in another college game

Mike Zarrilli

It's official: Aaron Murray's career as a college quarterback is likely all but over after an injury suffered last night in the game against Kentucky. From the university:

University of Georgia record-setting senior quarterback Aaron Murray will undergo surgery at St. Mary's Hospital in Athens this week to repair a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) suffered in Saturday's 59-17 victory over Kentucky.

Reports were already flying around Sunday morning that Murray's mother had confirmed the worst via social media (this being the 2010s), and Murray's own Twitter feed suggested that he wasn't looking toward returning to the field in the next few months.

The recovery time for ACL surgery, at least in terms of getting back to playing sports, is generally around four to six months, per WebMD, meaning Murray won't be back for Georgia's bowl game and likely won't be ready for the NFL combine. (He could potentially participate in one of the regional combines that the NFL is introducing this year.) With his draft stock already at borderline levels (because, NFL scouts), Murray could slip even further.

But, regardless of what happens with Murray at the next level, he already ranks as one of the best quarterbacks to ever play in the SEC. He holds the career records for completions, passing yardage and touchdown passes -- tributes to his skill, longevity and ability until now to avoid injury. Georgia fans will miss Murray, but other SEC fans will certainly not -- and that's about the best tribute you can give to any player.