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Aaron Murray Injury: Mark Richt Says QB Likely to Miss Georgia Tech Game

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The Georgia coach says his signal-caller probably won't be able to go in the season finale

Mike Zarrilli

We still don't know exactly how long Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray is going to be out after he injured his left knee in Saturday's game against Kentucky. But Mark Richt has already all but confirmed that the injury is bad enough to keep Murray out of next week's season-ending rivalry game.

Bulldogs coach Mark Richt said he does not expect Murray to play next Saturday against Georgia Tech, but would not rule him out for the Bulldogs' bowl game, pending the results of an MRI on the injured knee.

What bowl Georgia goes to at this point might make some difference, though barring a surprise Cotton Bowl bid, the most likely destinations for the Dawgs are all played on Dec. 31 or Jan. 1. That means that Murray would need a recovery time of about a month or so, especially considering he might need some time to get back in game shape.

Can Georgia beat the Yellow Jackets without Murray slinging the ball? Probably. For one thing, Hutson Mason looked pretty good against Kentucky, going 13-of-19 pasing for 189 yards and a touchdown. For another thing, this has not been the best year for Georgia Tech.

But the main thing here is that no one wants to see Murray's career end like this. Getting back in time to lead his team to a bowl victory would accomplish that just as well. Let's hope and pray that's the case.