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Aaron Murray Injury: Georgia QB Leaves Game Against Kentucky in Second Quarter

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One of the best and most respected SEC players goes down in what should be an easy win for his team. Can he come back for the rest of the season?

Mike Zarrilli

There were two main goals for Georgia against Kentucky tonight: Win, and don't get anyone hurt in the process. After all, the Dawgs are out of the hunt for the SEC Championship Game, but there's still the rivalry game against Georgia Tech and a bowl game ahead. Unfortunately, it looks like Georgia will take care of its first goal but might have already failed in the second.

Let's be clear that, at this point, there's still a lot here we don't know. But this doesn't sound good, and it would be a shame if anything kept a player as good and universally respected as Aaron Murray from finishing his senior season on the field. The Yellow Jackets are nothing special this year, but that's still a rivalry game, and UGA is in line for a pretty decent bowl with a pretty decent opponent.

Counting his numbers in the lopsided game against Kentucky, Murray is 225-of-347 for 3,075 yards, 26 touchdowns and nine interceptions. Here's hoping and praying that his line is not the same at the end of the year.

UPDATE: We now have a very little information, including confirmation from the university, on what is injured.