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Kentucky Wildcats vs. Georgia Bulldogs Preview: A Foregone Conclusion

The future might bring a Kentucky game against Georgia when we can call it for the Wildcats. Today is not that day

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Kentucky Wildcats vs. Georgia Bulldogs, 7 pm ET, ESPNU

I wish there were some way I could wax eloquent about this game, give you something surprising to look for, warn that the upset against Georgia was perhaps closer than it appears. But the simple fact is that it's very hard to do that for this game; even with the Georgia injuries and the shaky way the Dawgs have played at times this year, this is still a bad team vs. an above-average or even good team -- and the bad team loses those games nine out of ten times.

That's not running down Kentucky, or at least it's not meant to be running them down for the sake of running them down. It's just an acknowledgement that the Wildcats are in the first year of what is likely a three-to-five-year rebuilding process. Georgia is not.

There might be a time, not too far from now, when this game will warrant close attention to what the numbers mean and whether Kentucky has a chance to pull the upset. But there's nothing to make us think that Georgia won't roll in this game. That's a tribute to what Mark Richt has done in Athens and a reminder of the challenge Mark Stoops faces in Lexington.

Georgia 48, Kentucky 10