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Year2's Week 13 Picks

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Can't believe this is the penultimate version of this feature.


Last week: 5-0 straight up, 3-2 against the spread

Season: 81-13 straight up, 45-35-2 against the spread

As always, the point spreads come from the Yahoo! pick 'em game.

Mississippi State (-2) over Arkansas 31-24

If you like MSU to win at all, you're basically locked into picking the Bulldogs to cover here. It doesn't really feel that way, but there is only one game's difference in the two team's records. Strange.

LSU (-4.5) over Texas A&M 46-43

If you plan to beat Johnny Manziel and Mike Evans, you're going to have to outscore them. Alabama and Auburn could do it, and I think LSU can do it too. I can also see Manziel going berserker all over LSU's sometimes iffy defense, but I'm taking the sophisticated passing offense over the backyard heroics.

Georgia (-23.5) over Kentucky 40-13

UGA is going to unload on Kentucky in Aaron Murray's last home game.

Vanderbilt (+2.5) over Tennessee 26-18

So I guess the "Tennessee plays better at home" theme is still stuck, huh? It's entirely a factor of getting most of its tough games on the road, catching a Georgia team unsure of how to deal with its injuries at home, and upsetting a South Carolina team looking ahead while at home. Anyway, I like the Commodores to take this one in Neyland. They're a better team, I think, and they sure ain't looking ahead to Wake Forest next week.

Missouri (-2.5) over Ole Miss 38-30

The Tigers will survive another week in the SEC East race, setting up a big matchup next week with A&M. It wouldn't shock me to see the Rebels win, but especially with James Franklin back, I'm taking the Tigers.

The Bakery

South Carolina over Coastal Carolina 31-27

Florida over Georgia Southern 21-10

Alabama over Chattanooga 42-0