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Year2's Week 12 Picks

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This will be a quick one this week.

Kevin C. Cox

Last week: 6-1 straight up, 4-2 against the spread

Season: 76-13 straight up, 42-33-2 against the spread

As always, these lines come from the Yahoo! pick 'em game.

Ole Miss (-28.5) over Troy 55-13

I could be way off here if the Rebels are looking ahead to Missouri next week, but I think that if they're focused, they can just blow Troy away with ferocity.

Vanderbilt (-12.5) over Kentucky 34-14

Kentucky has been getting some fairly favorable lines this year, and I don't really understand it. Every time I go against a UK line that seems too low I'm right, so I'm going against this one. I am not sure how the 'Cats are staying within two touchdowns here.

Auburn (-3.5) over Georgia 48-40

I have a rule that says most games that appear to be shootouts on first glance don't end up to be shootouts. I have so little confidence in either defense here that I'm scrapping that rule. First team to 50 wins, and if neither gets there, well, Auburn is still winning.

South Carolina (-13.5) over Florida 40-9

The latest news is that Skyler Mornhinweg is the likely starting quarterback for Florida in this one. Let me put it this way: Tyler Murphy has struggled at times, sometimes mightily like with four turnovers last week, and he's never once appeared in danger of being pulled for Mornhinweg. What's that you ask? No, Mornhinweg already redshirted last year. He's not being saved for that this year. Did I mention the game is in Columbia? Yeah, the Gamecocks are winning this one big.

Alabama (-24.5) over Mississippi State 44-10

At this point, I'll take Bama to cover against just about anyone. There shouldn't be any look ahead effect with Chattanooga between here at the Iron Bowl, so the Tide will probably just roll right through this one.