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SEC Power Poll, Week 12: Churning

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The middle of the poll moves around after a couple of losses over the weekend, while the top and the bottom stay mostly static

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor


1. Alabama Crimson Tide, 140 points (10 first-place votes)
2. Auburn Tigers, 125
3. Missouri Tigers, 119
4. South Carolina Gamecocks, 104
4. Texas A&M Aggies, 104
6. LSU Tigers, 88
7. Georgia Bulldogs, 83
8. Mississippi Rebels, 76
9. Vanderbilt Commodores, 60
10. Florida Gators, 48
11. Tennessee Volunteers, 37
12. Mississippi St. Bulldogs, 35
13. Arkansas Razorbacks, 18
14. Kentucky Wildcats, 13

The losses over the weekend by LSU and Florida have reshaped the middle third of the poll somewhat dramatically. Not too long ago, there were a few hardy voters who were willing to put LSU ahead of Alabama. Now, the Tigers are sixth in the conference here, and there's a pretty big gap between South Carolina and Texas A&M -- tied for fourth -- and LSU at sixth. Florida fell from ninth to tenth and was passed by Vanderbilt. From four to ten, only Georgia and Mississippi are in the same place they were last week.

But the bottom of the poll is pretty much locked in. It's Tennessee, Mississippi State, Arkansas, Kentucky -- which is more or less what it's been for a while, though Vanderbilt has made some appearances there in recent weeks. And, of course, Alabama is No. 1 -- because Alabama.



Those teams yelling "We want 'Bama"are starting to remind me of the dog who caught the car he was chasing.--Get the Picture

We keep waiting for Alabama to show significant flaws this season. I'm not sure that's going to happen though.--Red Cup Rebellion


Hard to believe, but it's unlikely the Hogs match their SEC win total under John L. Smith this season.--Get the Picture

Played their best game since the loss at Rutgers. Still looked like Rutgers would beat them.--Georgia Sports Blog


Auburn has changed a lot from the beginning of the season to now.--Red Cup Rebellion

Maybe they can give Alabama a better game than LSU did. I'll believe it when I see it.--Rocky Top Talk


When sports writers began writing after the Georgia game that Will Muschamp wouldn't be fired no matter how 2013 ended, we didn't know he'd take it as a challenge.--Dawg Sports

Beaten at home by Vanderbilt. That's not even okay if you're Kentucky, and it got Joker Phillips fired. Is Muschamp house hunting in Austin (maybe hoping for his old job back?)--A Sea of Blue


Should Aaron Murray have left Georgia early? Considering the differences in projected quarterback classes, I think so. Hindsight is luxurious, is it not?--Red Cup Rebellion

Played their best second half of football in a month. Too bad it was App State.--Georgia Sports Blog


Out of the SWAC and back to their losing ways.--Get the Picture

They are going to slip up and be leading into the 4th quarter one of these days.--Georgia Sports Blog


They have a lot of good pieces, but what have they really done this year? Lost to UGA, Ole Miss, and Bama. Their signature win is... Florida?--Red Cup Rebellion

Not up to their usual standards. But nobody apart from Alabama is up to usual SEC contender standards.--Rocky Top Talk


Get James Franklin back with most every SEC East scenario in their favor. Really wondering how they're gonna mess this up.--Dawg Sports

Continues handling inferior teams. The next two games on their schedule are against teams that appear worse than them but better than anyone they've beaten. Worth keeping an eye on.--Rocky Top Talk


Bowl eligible with three winnable games to go.--Get the Picture

Okay, a win is a win, and 3-3 in league is good enough to get you a bowl.--A Sea of Blue


The Bulldogs outgained TAMU, held the Aggies to under 100 yards rushing, went +2 in turnover margin, possessed the ball for almost ten minutes more -- and lost by ten.--Get the Picture

State has some good things going. Dak Prescott is a capable running quarterback. They just have a lot of players on their roster that wouldn't start elsewhere in the SEC outside of maybe Kentucky... some are even in starting positions.--Red Cup Rebelion


As time goes by, the Gamecocks' loss to Tennessee this season looks more and more like the inexplicable loss to Auburn in 2011.--Get the Picture

If South Carolina beats Clemson to finish the year at 10-2, will people finally start giving Connor Shaw his due?--Red Cup Rebeillion


The showdown with Kentucky on Thanksgiving weekend might be for a last place tie.--A Sea of Blue

How much is talent, how much is coaching, and how much is fatigue after four top ten teams in four weeks?--Rocky Top Talk


We already knew the Heisman trophy was a bit of a joke, but the fact that Johnny Manziel is virtually out of consideration altogether is beyond laughable.--Red Cup Rebellion

You gotta give them credit -- the Aggies have given up even a pretense at defense, but good luck outscoring them.--A Sea of Blue


Say what you will about the East being weaker this season, the fact remains that the Commodores are 14-6 over their last twenty games.--Get the Picture

Vandy is the beneficiary of two important cultural shifts: Florida's slide into offensive ineptitude and targeting penalties.--Georgia Sports Blog