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SEC Power Poll Ballot After Week 11

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Ole Miss fans will finally be happy with the ballot, at least for this week

Wesley Hitt

1. Alabama

2. Auburn
This is the Battle of Endor. The fight to destroy the Death Star will wait a few weeks.

3. Texas A&M
There are only three reasons to not have Johnny Manziel as the Heisman front-runner right now: (a) Texas A&M isn't even going to win its division this year; (b) Manziel won it last year; (c) you don't like him. None of those is a valid reason.

4. South Carolina
Steve Spurrier will now start calling for the Gamecocks to no longer be scheduled to play Tennessee every year.

5. Missouri
There were a few minutes where it looked like Missouri might try to sleepwalk through its game against Kentucky. That ended quickly.

6. Georgia
Kinda lucky that their game against Appalachian State was only seen by about 15 people in Atlanta, because it sure didn't sound very impressive.

7. Ole Miss
Yeah, you're ahead of the Tigers for right now, Rebels fans. I doubt it will continue, but there it is.

8. LSU
I think this is a better team than the eighth-best team in the conference. But aside from the Auburn win, they haven't really given me any reason this season to rank them better than that this right. They could beat almost anyone ahead of them on this ranking, save Alabama -- but I'm no longer certain that they would.

9. Vanderbilt
The postseason banquet. David Williams is speaking. "We would really like to thank Coach Franklin for his hard work this year, which included leading us to a win against Florida in Gainesville for the first time since 1945. Coach Franklin, would you stand up? Coach Franklin? James, are you out there?"

10. Florida

11. Mississippi State
Dak Prescott could be one of the more dangerous quarterbacks in the SEC next year. Assuming he has a team around him.

12. Tennessee
That was downright Dooley-esque, guys.

13. Arkansas
Don't worry, Hogs. You still have plenty of time to underwhelm enough to grab the last spot.

14. Kentucky
Let me check here -- yep, still Kentucky.