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Veterans Day 2013

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Thank you to those who have served our country

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

During one of my various stops along the way in the newspaper business, the paper I was working at decided to do a Memorial Day front page to commemorate the occasion. Reporters like myself went to the local military base and wrote stories on some of the units there and how they were involved in recent wars, etc. All of those stories were then made a part of our Memorial Day package.

You can see the issue that arose. Memorial Day, of course, is the day set aside to honor those who have died in service to their country. Veterans Day is the day to recognize the service of those who fought for our country regardless of their fate.

I don't recall if this was a last-minute fix or planned, but the issue was reconciled with an editor's note saying that the way the paper was honoring those who had given their lives for their country was by recognizing the work of those who now serve it. And in the end, I think that was actually a good call. The reason we mark Veterans Day is because of Memorial Day -- because those who are recognized on the former are willing to honored on the latter.

To all of our readers who served our country, thank you. We should say it every day -- I hope saying it today is enough.