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SEC TV Schedule, Week 10

It's not a stellar week of games.



Georgia vs. Florida, 3:30 pm ET, CBS

This game has the most intrigue to it, even if both participants are unranked. The winner still has a shot in the East, while the loser is largely, though not mathematically, eliminated from the race. Will the return of several key players make the difference for the Bulldogs? Can the Gators take advantage of Georgia's weak defense?


Mississippi State at South Carolina, 12:21 pm ET, SEC Network

The Gamecocks put themselves in a lot better shape for the East race by winning at Missouri last week. Will they be able to avoid a letdown here? For these Bulldogs, we know they can get a fifth win against Arkansas, but this is actually one of their better chances to get a sixth. Can they pull off an upset that would help them get back to the postseason?

Auburn at Arkansas, 6:00 pm ET, ESPN2

Bret Bielema might not like the methods, but he can't deny that he wishes his team could run the ball as well as Auburn can.

Tennessee at Missouri, 7:00 pm ET, ESPN

This game was the other game of the week candidate. Mizzou needs to avoid a hangover from last week's heartbreaking loss in order to stay in control of the East. In particular, it's very important that a second SEC loss, should it come, not happen against an East division opponent due to the way the tiebreaker works. Meanwhile, Tennessee is breaking in yet another quarterback. Who is a freshman. On the road. Against Michael Sam. Good luck with that.

Alabama State at Kentucky, 7:30 pm ET, CSS

I know. I'm as shocked as you that this didn't end up on pay-per-view for the literally tens of people who are interested in it to order.

UTEP at Texas A&M, 9:00 pm ET, ESPN2

There have been some seasons in the not-too-distant past where UTEP might have made this into an interesting game. However, they're pretty dreadful this year, so this is basically a chance for Johnny Manziel and Mike Evans to pad their stats for a half.