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Week 6 Pick 'Em Game Update

There is a new king on top.

This weekend, SECond2none won the week with 160 points in the pick 'em game. The 12-point margin of victory isn't quite Bayloresque, but it was enough to provoke a change at the top:

  1. SECond2none, 1080 points
  2. cocknfire's pick, 1070 points
  3. Darth Saban's Death Star, 1062 points
  4. Jams' mediocre picks, 1040 points
  5. Bama Engineer, 1028 points
  6. NCAA buttdialing violations, 1027 points
  7. AuburnMisfit, 1019 points
  8. jbd621, 1017 points
  9. Larry Smith for Chancellor, 1012 points
  10. Year2, 1007 points

There are about three or four people at the top threatening to run away with this, so let's make sure that doesn't happen. Good luck to everyone this coming weekend.