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Georgia Bulldogs vs. Tennessee Volunteers Preview: The Letdown Game That Probably Won't Happen

Can Tennessee hope that a lackadaisical showing by Georgia will give Butch Jones his first SEC win? Don't hold your breath

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Bulldogs vs. Tennessee Volunteers, 3:30 p.m. ET, CBS

If you were looking for a perfect letdown game for Georgia, this would pretty much fit the bill. The toughest stretch of the Bulldogs' schedule by far is behind them; by making it out of that part of the slate with a 3-1 record and the only loss coming out of conference in the first week of the year, Georgia has earned an opportunity to relax. All of their goals are intact and the biggest opponent they face is complacency.

So they travel to Tennessee after the Vols are back on the winning track, albeit narrowly to an overmatched foe, and --

Can't do it. Sure, this kind of looks a little bit like a letdown game that could get ugly for Georgia, but even the Dawgs' defense shouldn't be able to turn this into a game. Georgia does pretty well against the run, actually; they struggle against the pass, and that happens to be the one thing that Tennessee cannot do.

That's only a slight overstatement. The Vols are averaging 154 yards a game passing, and that's with teams like Georgia State, Appalachian State and Western Kentucky on the schedule.

If Tennessee had anyone that I could trust to throw the ball here, there's room to at least say this game is more in doubt than people think. But unless the Dawgs are actually, literally sleepwalking through the game -- as in, none of the 22 players on the field are fully conscious -- it's difficult to see this one turning out other than well for Georgia.

Georgia 34, Tennessee 13