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Cupcake Wars Returns With Vandals, Prowlers and Whatever Furman Is

Cupcake games: Athletics directors love the sugary sweet treats but fans despise them. So we're not going to give the teams that play them credit in our previews, instead offering a fun fact about the cupcake in question. Consider it our silent and likely futile protest

William Mancebo

Furman vs. LSU, 7 p.m. ET, PPV
It's confusing enough that Furman is currently using the "Paladin" as its mascot, given that no one really knows what a paladin is until they look it up on Wikipedia. But it used to be much worse.

Prior to 1961 this was not the case as the baseball team was known as the "Hornets," the football team "Hurricane," and the basketball team "Paladins."

The students voted to change this in 1961, presumably to cut down on the number of cheers they would have to learn. LSU 43, Furman 17

FAU vs. Auburn, 7:30 p.m. ET, FSN
There's really nothing wrong with the idea of calling your spirit group the "prOWLers," except that it's a terrible pun and prowlers are kind of creepy. But at least the history of this group gives us one of the greatest sentences that has ever been written.

In Fall 2002, Paez brought in freshman Rick "$mitty" Smith as the athletic director for student government. Smith’s main duty was to ensure the future of the prOWLers as the official spirit group of FAU.

No, I did not insert the dollar sign at the beginning of Smitty. Auburn 54, FAU 3

Idaho vs. Ole Miss, 7:30 p.m. ET, CSS
The Vandals, who when you think about it are named after criminals most frequently armed with spray paint, are very proud of their fight song. Like, proud to an irrational and delusional extent.

As a result, it is continually cited as one of the top college fight songs in America.

I think you're missing the [citation needed] there. I consulted several lists found on Google of the top fight songs in America. None of them included Idaho's. Ole Miss 34, Idaho 7