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Week 8 Pick 'Em Game Results

We have our first two-time weekly champ.

It took eight weeks, but we finally have a two-time champ. For the second time this season, the weekly high point mark in the pick 'em game was Larry Smith for Chancellor. It couldn't have come during a more appropriate time, given Vanderbilt's 31-27 upset of Georgia. Congrats are in order for more than one reason there.

Here is how the overall standings sit:

  1. SECond2none, 1238 points
  2. cocknfire's pick, 1227 points
  3. NCAA buttdialing violations, 1205 points
  4. Larry Smith for Chancellor, 1192 points
  5. Darth Saban's Death Star, 1185 points
  6. Jams' mediocre picks, 1171 points
  7. AuburnMisfit, 1164 points
  8. Bama Engineer, 1158 points
  9. Year2, 1153 points
  10. jbd621, 1127 points

SECond2none and Brandon are threatening to run away with this thing, so the rest of us need to step our games up. Good luck to everyone next weekend!