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SEC Power Poll Ballot After Week 8

In my defense: I openly admit that I have no idea what I'm doing this week

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

1. Alabama
The goal for favorites on a day like Saturday is just to survive. Let's see if the Crimso-- yeah, they did that.

2. Missouri
From "they played weak competition" to "yeah, but they won't win the East" to "they're all but a lock to win the division" in two weeks. Not bad.

3. LSU
Someone kidnapped Bizarro Zach Mettenberger and replaced him with the 2012 version. LSU needs to find BZM quickly.

4. Auburn
If you had told me before the season that I would have three Tigers in a row on my SEC Power Poll ballot, I would have said that something happened to LSU. Which is sort of true, but also ain't the half of it.

5. Texas A&M
Might have the best offense in the conference. Might have the worst defense on the planet.

6. Georgia
This entry really should just read "Aaron Murray" at this point, but we don't have that option in our voting software.

7. South Carolina
[Calls three passes, punts]

8. Ole Miss
Won't even come close to winning the West, but they could still ruin a few teams' seasons before it's all over.

9. Florida
Might have the best defense in the conference. Might have the worst offense on the planet.

10. Tennessee
This feels too low. There's something I didn't expect to say about Tennessee at No. 10.

11. Vanderbilt
Against all odds, the Commodores suddenly look like they've got a good chance at making a bowl again.

12. Mississippi State
Congratulations. You're not Arkansas or Kentucky. That's good enough for now.

13. Arkansas
How did Texas A&M not break 80 against this team?

14. Kentucky
When I said after the Alabama game that there was one constant in college football -- Alabama being great -- I was clearly forgetting about the other constant in life -- Kentucky being terrible.