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Topics for Discussion: A Weird Week; SEC Title Game Matchup; Coach of the Year

Also: Which games from next week do you think are the big ones? And who's going to survive all of this to get to the postseason?

Thomas B. Shea

So, what do we make of all that? Saturday might have literally been one of the craziest days of SEC football I've ever seen. The comparison that springs to mind is the bizarre 2007 season -- if it were somehow packed into one week of football. Does that kind of a weekend help the SEC by showing its depth, or hurt it by making the conference look like a collection of average teams? Is it just a collection of average teams, with Alabama and Missouri the only members who look even vaguely elite? And would it hurt the efforts of a one-loss SEC team to get into the BCS National Championship Game if it comes to that?

Are we destined to see Alabama vs. Missouri in the SEC Championship Game? Neither the Tide nor the other other Tigers have locked down their place in Atlanta, regardless of what it might have seemed like Saturday. There are still scenarios under which either could miss out on the title bout, though how good the odds are of any of those situations unfolding depends on your perspective. Are the division races all but over? Or should we have learned our lesson this week about making too many assumptions?

Who would you give the SEC Coach of the Year honors at this point? Believe it or not, I came up with this question because of a Pete Thamel tweet suggesting it should go to Gus Malzahn. He also mentioned the possibility of Gary Pinkel being in contention, which might make more sense to me, given that the Tigers of Columbia have gone from 5-7 to the front-runners in the SEC East. Are there any other viable candidates out there? And if not, which of those two gentlemen most deserves the award?

Which of the SEC games on Saturday will be closer? Vanderbilt travels to Texas A&M to take on the Aggies. Alabama hosts Tennessee on the Third Fourth Saturday in October. And South Carolina will go to the other Columbia to try to rejuvenate their SEC East hopes by knocking off Missouri. Are any of these games going to be close? Are we looking at another week when some upsets could be sprung? Or are the favorites going to roll over the underdogs in a change from this weekend?

Who's headed to the postseason, and where? Three teams have already locked up bowl eligibility: Alabama, Missouri and Auburn. Only Kentucky and Arkansas currently sit below .500. So which teams are going to make it to the six wins they need to play in December and January? And who has the inside track for the Capital One, Cotton and Outback bowls right now, once the conference claims its one or two BCS spots?