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SEC Afternoon: Delicious SEC Selections from Around the SB Nation for Oct. 2

Scott Cunningham

Catching you up on some of the best stuff around the SB Nation about the SEC

Deadspin posts video of odd Steve Spurrier Show: Was Steve Spurrier drunk when he taped his postgame show? It's possible. But I was at the game against UCF, and the conditions were extraordinarily draining. My voice is still a little raspy four days later. It's not insane to think that it also could have been fatigue. [Garnet and Black Attack]

Mississippi State vs. LSEAUX: The Big Preview: All you could possibly want to know about MSU vs. LSU. [For Whom the Cowbell Tolls]

Florida vs. Kentucky, Theater of Operations: Tyler Murphy continues his steady rise: I think Murphy's season at Florida is one of the more fascinating storylines of the SEC this year. So far, so good. [Alligator Army]

Tennessee Vols vs. Georgia Bulldogs: statistical game preview: The Bulldogs are going to win by 17 points. It's almost science. [Rocky Top Talk]

Taking a look at #13 South Carolina: There's not a lot of confidence here, as the subhead shows. But a S.C. fan knows never to take an easy win against Kentucky for granted. A win, sure, but not an easy one. [A Sea of Blue]

Our Digital Season: Week 6 — South Carolina v. Kentucky: South Carolina wins by an impressive score after only playing well for one quarter. This should surprise no one who's watched the Gamecocks this year. [Garnet and Black Attack]

Arkansas 2013 Opponent Preview Week 6: Florida Gators: A look at one of the rarer cross-divisional match-ups. [Arkansas Fight]

Better Know a SEC Opponent: the Missouri Tigers: This could be a big game for Vanderbilt's bowl hopes. [Anchor of Gold]