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Week 7 Pick 'Em Game Update

On Upset Saturday, a new champ arises from nowhere.

It was a tumultuous day of games on Saturday, with lots of upsets coming from all directions. Appropriately enough, we had an upset winner come out of nowhere in the pick 'em game too. Smith Picks was the weekly winner with 131 points, a commanding weekly win over second place AuburnMisfit's 100 points. Despite the big win, Smith Picks is not in the top ten overall, but maybe this was a turning point.

Here is the overall top ten:

  1. SECond2none, 1158 points
  2. cocknfire's pick, 1124 points
  3. Darth Saban's Death Star, 1120 points
  4. AuburnMisfit, 1120 points
  5. NCAA buttdialing violations, 1111 points
  6. Year2, 1093 points
  7. Bama Engineer, 1082 points
  8. Larry Smith for Chancellor, 1077 points
  9. Zed, 1073 points
  10. Jams' mediocre picks, 1071 points

Good luck to everyone this weekend!