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Topics for Discussion: The SEC East, Alabama's Credentials and the Viewing Schedule

Also: Will Dan Mullen have a job next year, and which teams are going to play in which BCS bowl games?

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Who's the favorite now in the SEC East? The only team in the division right now that controls its own destiny is Missouri, and don't even try to pretend that you saw that coming at the beginning of the year. But the Tigers also lost their starting quarterback in the process, and will now have to rely on Maty Mauk to guide them through the remainder of a three-game minefield that started with the trip to Athens and now features home games against Florida and South Carolina. Florida has to travel to Missouri and South Carolina and takes on Georgia in Jacksonville. Georgia is still playing without most of its skill players on offense. And South Carolina's 52-7 shellacking of Arkansas was the first time this year that the Gamecocks looked like they were playing at full speed for all four quarters. So which one of these flawed teams do you like best in the divisional race?

How impressed are you with Alabama's win? There was some Twitter traffic early in the Alabama-Kentucky game about how some folks found the Tide's early struggles with the Wildcats uninspiring. Then Alabama offense dropped 24 points against Kentucky in the second quarter, and the rout was on. The Tide finished the night with 668 yards of total offense, 35 first downs and a 48-7 victory. Still, Oregon has looked pretty impressive this year, and Ohio State remains the favorite in the B1G. So does Alabama deserve its No. 1 ranking, or is that a relic of the preseason? Is there any argument for Alabama being left out of the BCS National Championship Game if there are three or more undefeated teams?

Pick your poison. Through an almost unbelievable confluence of events, the only game between two ranked SEC teams next week is likely to be the 12:21 p.m. ET broadcast brought to you by the Greater Charlotte AV Club. So what are you watching later in the day. Your choices are Auburn-A&M, LSU-Ole Miss and Arkansas-Alabama. Do any of those games leave you waiting for kickoff, or are you just as inclined to look around and see what's going on in other conferences?

How hot is Dan Mullen's seat now? For those of you who ignored the Bowling Green-Mississippi State game because there seemed to be no good reason not to ignore it, the Bulldogs came closer than they should have to losing. In the end, they won by a single point, 21-20, after allowing the Falcons to score the last ten points of the game. So does that put more pressure on Mullen to get his program in order or hit the road? And how likely do you think it is that Mullen will still be on the sidelines in Starkville when the 2014 season begins?

Who's going to the BCS? Play out the season to what you think is the logical conclusion. Does the SEC end up with two berths, and who gets them? Does the conference champion go to the national title game, or settle for the Sugar Bowl? And let us know which high-profile teams you think are out of the hunt for the BCS, even if they don't know it.