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Texas A&M Aggies vs. Ole Miss Rebels Preview: Are We Still Going to See Plenty of Points in Oxford

Ole Miss hasn't looked too impressive on offense the last couple of weeks. Can they keep up with Texas A&M?

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Texas A&M Aggies vs. Mississippi Rebels, 8:30 p.m. ET, ESPN

A few weeks ago, the thing to watch for in this game would be pretty easy to figure out. Texas A&M and Ole Miss were both explosive offenses, the Aggies more so than the Rebels, so this was going to be a pointpalooza.

And maybe it still will be. But Ole Miss seems a little bit less explosive after consecutive games in which they were shut out by Alabama and held to 22 points by Auburn. They did ring up 464 yards against Auburn in that game, but that's not much more than Auburn is averaging giving up, and the 22 points is exactly what the Tigers yield on average. So the Rebels' offense has looked average at best over the last couple of weeks.

Against Texas A&M, that might be enough to put a huge dent in the scoreboard. The Aggies are 112th in total defense in the FBS. There's really not much that A&M does well on defense. But they do have Johnny Manziel, and that should be enough.

Texas A&M 48, Ole Miss 25