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South Carolina Gamecocks vs. Arkansas Razorbacks Preview: The Hogs Try to Play the Spoiler Again

Arkansas has proven skilled at disrupting South Carolina's more promising seasons. Can they take advantage of the Gamecocks' on-again, off-again tendencies to ruin this one?

Streeter Lecka

South Carolina Gamecocks vs. Arkansas Razorbacks, 12:21 p.m. ET, SEC TV

For the most part, I'm disappointed as a South Carolina fan to see this annual series come to an end. One of my first games watching South Carolina at Williams-Brice Stadium was against the Hogs, and playing any team every year is bound to lead to some hard feelings. I really have come to regard Arkansas as something of a rival, though one behind Clemson, Georgia and even some of the other SEC East teams.

But I did say for the most part. I understand why some South Carolina fans are happy to see Arkansas go. If there's one thing the Razorbacks have been good at since the Gamecocks have joined the SEC, it's ruining some of South Carolina's more promising seasons.

In 2001, South Carolina was looking at the very real possibility of a 7-0 start, if only they could win at Arkansas and against Vanderbilt. But a 10-7 loss against the Hogs ended up being the only South Carolina defeat that season against a team from outside the Top 5, possibly costing South Carolina its first Top 10 finish.

It was the loss at Arkansas in 2007 that finally knocked the Gamecocks from the rankings en route to a disastrous finish. And while we can argue about strength of schedule all we want, the fact of the matter remains that if South Carolina had beaten Arkansas in 2011, they would have claimed the SEC East title.

Which is a long way of saying, don't rule Arkansas out of this game. They do have Alex Collins running the ball. and that kid's going to be a star in the SEC soon enough. But the Gamecocks offense and defense play well enough for a couple of quarters to either break away late or run up a big margin that the Razorbacks can't overcome.

South Carolina 33, Arkansas 20