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Capital One Bowl: Taylor Martinez Has Trouble Reading the Scoreboard

Georgia defeated Nebraska by 14 points and held them to around the same yardage as most teams in the B1G. Which clearly shows the Dawgs would never hack it in the Up North Conference


Nebraska didn't exactly have a dreadful game on offense in the Capital One Bowl. Let's go ahead and acknowledge that. Even though the Cornhuskers lost the game by 14, 45-31, Nebraska did gain 443 yards on the day. But Taylor Martinez -- well, he probably took that aspect of the game a bit more seriously than he should have.

Ah, yes, the Big Ten defenses are a lot better. Like the top total defense in the B1G, Michigan State, that allowed 473 yards to Nebraska (in three fewer plays)? Or perhaps the No. 3 total defense in the Up North Conference, Wisconsin, which allowed just three fewer yards in four fewer plays the first time the teams met or 34 more yards in one fewer play while beating Nebraska by 39 points in the B1G Championship Game? Maybe Penn State, which allowed 438 yards on two fewer plays?

There were a couple of Big Ten defenses that did a significantly better job of shutting Nebraska down -- Michigan allowed just 326 yards (though, again, on 14 fewer plays) against the Huskers, and Iowa limited them to 263 yards on 12 fewer plays. But Georgia did at least as well against Martinez and his compatriots as did most of the Big Ten, give or take 10 yards.

And it might be a little easier to listen to Martinez if he didn't have a history of saying odd things after Capital One blowouts, like his proclamation after South Carolina beat Nebraska by 17 points last year:

"Honestly, I don't think the game should've been close," Martinez said. "We should've blown them out."

Maybe if Taylor Martinez and his teammates put a bit more effort into winning the Capital One Bowl and spent less time explaining away Nebraska's losses, those explanations wouldn't be necessary.