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Florida 20, Texas A&M 17: Welcome to the SEC. We See You Haven't Changed

It was a high-wire act, but Florida wins the first SEC game in Kyle Field.
It was a high-wire act, but Florida wins the first SEC game in Kyle Field.

There was a point in the second quarter when Florida's plight against Texas A&M had to be trending. The Gators were down as much as 17-7, and the game really didn't look that close. Florida's offense was still struggling to generate anything, and the defense was having almost as much trouble slowing down the Aggies.

But we all forgot that, SEC member or not, this was still Texas A&M. And Texas A&M proceeds to do what they did most of last year -- going from being on course to an easy win in the first half to losing the game in the second. After cutting the lead to 17-10 shortly before halftime, Florida scored 10 unanswered points in the second half to make Texas A&M's first SEC game a loss.

Which doesn't mean all of Florida's questions are answered. Jeff Driskel was sacked eight times, sometimes when he would run out of bounds before the line of scrimmage without throwing the ball away. The ease with which the Aggies moved the ball in the first half was certainly noticed in places like Athens, Columbia (SC) and Knoxville.

With this game over, the best opportunity for A&M's first SEC win looks to be at Ole Miss on Oct. 6. If they can't win that one, it could be 2013 before the Aggies can get that conference victory. The game Saturday didn't prove that A&M won't ever be able to compete in the SEC, but it increased the already loud questions about whether the Aggies can compete in the SEC this year.