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Washington Vs. LSU Preview: A Team on the Rise Against a Team on the Top


Washington Huskies vs. LSU Tigers, 7 p.m. ET, ESPN

For those who don't pay much attention to the Pac-12 -- and really, why would you? -- Washington has gotten some buzz over the last couple of years as a team on the upswing. But last week gives you plenty of reasons to doubt whether the Huskies will even be in this game after halftime.

Not because of anything LSU did; an SEC team should easily wax North Texas to start the season. But Washington's effort against San Diego State featured just 106 yards rushing; they outgained the Aztecs by a single yard. Despite the late San Diego State touchdown, the 21-12 final score was not an illusion. Keith Price was sacked three times in the win.

All of which adds up to a far better team in Baton Rouge having an easy game at home. Washington might still be on the way up, but LSU is already there -- and they'll make that point exceedingly clear tonight.

LSU 48, Washington 20