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Sprints Is Pondering Beer Sales With the Freakonomics Guys // 09.07.12

These guys sell beer in the stadium. It's been a success so far.
These guys sell beer in the stadium. It's been a success so far.

Things the SEC won't do for $500, Alex.

The Freakonomics crew took a look at West Viriginia's new beer selling scheme and what that meant for alcohol-related game day incidents. It features quotes AD Oliver Luck and the chief of the WVU police. Available in both podcast and article form.

It surprised me to learn that there are still schools that allow people to leave and come back into the stadium during games. The SEC banned that more than a decade ago, although in checking on that timing I found that Missouri still allowed reentry until it fell under the rule this year.

This is never a good thing.

LSU starting LT Chris Faulk is out this weekend after injuring his... something. The school won't say. It doesn't sound that bad right now as Les Miles thinks he'll get Faulk back soon, but he'll at least have to sit against Washington.

Update: It actually sounds really bad according to multiple sources at

Well that was unexpected.

According to Mark Blaudschun, a veteran of the Dallas Morning News and Boston Globe, the highest bidder for the Champions Bowl is actually Houston. This would be quite the turnaround given that ESPN has been reporting that it was basically coming down to Dallas and New Orleans. We'll monitor this, but it would feel strange to have it there because Houston has no prior history with the conference.

It's about time.

The Big 12 is finally set to sign its new TV deals. You know, the ones that saved its very existence. Hey Mike, when are the SEC's new deals going to be ready?

It's official.

John L. Smith has officially filed for bankruptcy with assets of $1-10 million and debts of $10-50 million. I can see how that mismatch might be untenable. If you recall, his financial difficulties stem from a land deal that went bad.