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Sprints is Having a Bologna Sandwich With Willie Taggart // 09.06.12

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This is Willie Taggart. Alabama will destroy his team on Saturday.
This is Willie Taggart. Alabama will destroy his team on Saturday.

Again with the bulletin board material.

WKU head coach Willie Taggart is not happy about the sharps in Vegas making his team a 39-point underdog to Alabama:

Taggart said point spreads aren't an accurate depiction of how a team will do, calling the 39-point prediction "a bunch of bologna."

"We’re going out there and we’re gonna go play football," he said. "If anything, let’s go out there and show we’re not gonna lose by 39 points, we’re going to go out there and we're going to win this ballgame."

If there was a family friendly term for what Nick Saban thinks of point spreads, I'd print it here. Alas.

Taggart is right though; point spreads are not necessarily an accurate indication of how teams will do. They're set with the intention to get an equal amount of betting on both sides of the line. That way, once the casino takes its cut of fees, it won't lose money regardless of the outcome. They're often pretty accurate, but they can be way off when the public itself is way off. With that said, this 39-point line is probably not too far off from reality.

I'll give him this: Taggart and Sheldon Richardson are adding some spice to a week that has one of the blandest overall slates on the schedule.

He's back, for a certain definition of "back".

Connor Shaw returned to practice after missing time with what the school is calling a "deep bone bruise" on his throwing shoulder. It sounds like it went all right, but if for some reason he can't throw on Saturday, it wouldn't be that big a difference to just let him out there anyway.

A tremendous story.

Kevin Sumlin's father William was once a high school football coach in the South. He never thought he'd see his son coach in either Texas or the SEC. Now, he gets to see both at the same time.

This seems like it would be important.

Gene Chizik is not ready to name his starting center now that Reese Dismukes is back from suspension. Don't worry, guys. It's not really that big a deal who gives the ball to the quarterback to start each play.

You can sure tell who this guy's mentor was.

Derek Dooley's latest bit of Hallmark card-ish wisdom sounds awfully familiar: "Most teams never reach their dreams because they overestimate the event and underestimate the process." The what now? Who did he once work for again?

A bargain at twice the price.

Want an enormous taxidermied alligator for your den? What am I saying? Of course you do. Well, now you can get one with a Tim Tebow jersey attached courtesy of eBay. It's only $10,000.

Because it'd just look like a pile of stones to you.

Aaron Murray is just expressing his Harry Potter fandom, you guys. It's something you can blame if Georgia loses this weekend.