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SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 4

Alabama is simply the best. As usual.
Alabama is simply the best. As usual.


1 Alabama
An observation I made on Twitter on Saturday night: The theme of this season seems to be that almost every team in the nation is worse than we thought they would be. Except Alabama. Of course.

There are interested fans in Tuscaloosa, Columbia and Gainesville waiting to see if Saturday was a rare misstep or a sign that perhaps the Bayou Bengals are not as big a schedule landmine as they appeared.

3 Georgia
Making a great case that they're back to being the old Georgia. Too bad the new Alabama is still around.

4 South Carolina
Beating Missouri by the same margin as Georgia, and in slightly more impressive fashion, is the first sign all year that the Gamecocks deserve to be ranked in the upper tier of the SEC East.

5 Florida
This team actually reminds me a lot of last year's South Carolina team. It doesn't always look pretty when they're playing, but they just keep winning.

6 Tennessee
Apparently, you can win games while not really having a running game. At least, you can win MAC games while not really having a running game.

7 Mississippi State
Who knows? With Houston Nutt now completely out of the league, it appears that Mississippi State will be the school that looks like a 10-win team one week and a borderline bowl contender the next.

8 Texas A&M
We have established that it is impossible to blow a 42-point halftime lead. Because if it could be done, Texas A&M would have found a way to do it.

9 Missouri
Consecutive 21-point blowouts against Georgia and South Carolina seems to prove that whole "ready for the SEC" thing wrong at the moment, huh?

10 Auburn
They would have beaten a sleepwalking LSU team if it weren't for the fact that Auburn seems to be sleepwalking through the entire season.

11 Ole Miss
If Hugh Freeze had a defense of any kind ... (shudders)

12 Vanderbilt
They're going through the difficult part of the schedule right now. Survive the next three weeks, and a bowl game is still not completely out of the question.

13 Kentucky
Changing the quarterback is a great idea when the guy behind him has a plausible chance of playing the position better.

14 Arkansas
There are no certain wins left on the schedule. Not the way the Hogs are playing right now. And this isn't a team that looks ready to win the toss-ups, either.