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Footballifact: Louisiana-Monroe Keeps Surprising. As Does Iowa


Sifting out what the conventional wisdom looks like after the weekend in football. Inspiration, obviously, is right here. (As with all conclusions based on a week of data, grain of salt.)

Louisiana-Monroe is a dangerous team: Mostly True
The 1-2 record, with the Arkansas win being the only Warhawks victory so far, might not look that impressive. But Louisiana-Monroe has taken three consecutive BCS teams to the wall. The latest was Baylor, who trailed Louisiana-Monroe on three different occasions before finally getting out of town with a five-point win Friday night. If they play as well in Sun Belt games as in SEC and Big 12 games, it could be time for Louisiana-Monroe's first bowl bid.

Ohio State was overrated coming into the season: Half True
The only reason this is just half true is that the Buckeyes are undefeated right now, and no one should be too quick to forget that. But their defense is the worst statistically in the B1G (almost 395 yards a game), they edged a UAB team that is often among the worst in the FBS by six points at home, and they are benefiting from a turnover margin that is +1.25 a game. Thing is, the B1G is bad enough this year that it might not matter all that much; Ohio State could end up highly ranked even without a bowl game thanks to the competition.

Iowa is dreadful: Mostly True
It's really something to say that a team might be the worst team in the B1G -- but Iowa might truly be the worst team in the B1G. The Hawkeyes lost to Iowa State in a game in which they scored just six points and lost this weekend to Central Michigan. The team from the MAC. Iowa beat Northern Iowa by 11 points -- and that was after a fourth-quarter field goal. They edged Northern Illinois by a single point. But they have Kirk Ferentz and his hefty contract to rescue them, so maybe they'll be okay.

South Carolina has a quarterback controversy: Mostly False
The Gamecocks might have had a quarterback controversy until Saturday, but Connor Shaw's play pretty much incinerated the argument for the time being. After missing his first pass, Shaw completed all 20 of his remaining attempts. He averaged 11.9 yards per attempt and threw for two touchdowns. And four South Carolina receivers had catches of at least 20 yards, proving that there is the opportunity for a downfield passing attack with Shaw under center.

Louisville is on track to run away with the Big East this year: Half True
The Cardinals are still the favorites to win the conference, even with the possible end of Pitt's near-collapse, but it's not going to be a cakewalk. Cincinnati has looked good against mediocre competition, but the real factor emerging in the race is Rutgers. The Scarlet Knights are 4-0 and have won three road games in their first month of the season. The season-ending matchup between the two red teams might end up being a de facto Big East Championship Game.