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Rutgers Vs. Arkansas Preview: A Weird Matchup Without Clarity

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Rutgers Scarlet Knights Vs. Arkansas Razorbacks, 7 p.m. ET, ESPNU

Am I the only one who views this as an odd matchup? Granted, Arkansas was put in an interesting situation when it had to rework its nonconference schedule to accommodate the Texas A&M game now being an SEC game. Still, there's just not much oomph to a meeting between the Razorbacks and the Scarlet Knights.

Nor has there been much oomph to either team's season. Rutgers has won its first three games 73-25 against a motley assortment of Tulane, Howard and South Florida. And we all know how Arkansas has fared while facing Jacksonville State, Louisiana-Monroe and Alabama. Both teams are lackluster offensively, though Rutgers has the slightly better defensive numbers against a far weaker slate.

The one wild card in this game is the mental state of Arkansas. On its merits, you would have to give the Razorbacks the edge just on the basis of how good you still have to think the Hogs are, at least vis a vis Rutgers. But all bets are off it Arkansas doesn't show up read to play.

Arkansas 34, Rutgers 30