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SEC Blitz, Week 4

Will Brent Pease be able to hang half a hundred on Kentucky?
Will Brent Pease be able to hang half a hundred on Kentucky?

Spanning the conference to bring you news and notes from each team.

Alabama: Roll Bama Roll is pleased with the start the team has had, to say the least.

Arkansas: Arkansas Expats is proud of Tyler Wilson stepping up as a leader and is tracking potential head coaching candidates.

Auburn: College and Magnolia brings you some takes on the team and the nature of dominance.

Florida: Alligator Army broke down the Gator defense against Tennessee and is rooting for 50 from the offense this weekend.

Georgia: Dawg Sports had a few things to say about the FAU win, but check out the photo essay from the Mizzou game.

Kentucky: A Sea of Blue has a good numerical analysis of where this year's team stacks up with recent history.

LSU: "When this team decides to turn on the afterburners, it's all over but the screaming."

Ole Miss: Red Cup Rebellion took a look at the advanced stats from the Texas game.

Mississippi State: For Whom the Cowbell Tolls has a few thoughts about MSU's escape from Troy.

Missouri: Rock M Nation went beyond the box score on Arizona State and did some serious film breakdown on the defense.

South Carolina: Garnet and Black Attack examines the pros and cons of Connor Shaw starting against Mizzou.

Tennessee: Rocky Top Talk examines the loss to UF and hands out final player evaluations.

Texas A&M: Good Bull Hunting broke down film of Johnny Manziel's first touchdown pass.

Vanderbilt: Anchor of Gold tells you how Vandy really looked against Presbyterian.