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AP Top 25: Rematch Redux and a Good Week for Bulldogs

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'Let's just do this once this year, aight?'
'Let's just do this once this year, aight?'

It's way, way too early to start talking about a rematch. But it's hard to miss the similarities between this year and last season, particularly when you look at the top two teams in this week's AP Top 25.

1 Alabama
3 Oregon
5 Georgia
6 Oklahoma
7 South Carolina
8 West Virginia
9 Stanford
10 Clemson

There's not too much that's too far off in those rankings, though the fact that Georgia jumped Oklahoma is interesting, and South Carolina's move up to No. 7 simply proves that few of the voters watched the first quarter of the Gamecocks' match-up with UAB. And Oregon might be the No. 3 team in the nation, but they've done precious little to prove that.

As far as the actual likelihood of a rematch -- it's extraordinarily low. There's a strong stable of so-far undefeated teams behind LSU and Alabama, which also means that there are plenty of teams that could leap past the Alabama-LSU loser. There's no real reason to think that a perfect storm could happen two years in a row.

Meanwhile, Florida moved up to 14th after clubbing Tennessee in the second half, and Mississippi State debuts at 23. That gives the SEC the most teams in the Top 5, Top 10 and Top 25.


ADDENDUM: I don't like the coaches poll that much and don't generally use it, but it counts and everything, so let's take a look at the results. They are mostly the same, though Oklahoma lands ahead of Georgia at No. 5 and South Carolina only moves up to No. 8, behind West Virginia. Texas also makes the Top 10 instead of Stanford. Florida and Mississippi State are in the same place and Arkansas, for some strange reason, was able to stay at No. 21 until the Alabama demolition. Missouri, Texas A&M and Tennessee all received votes but were nowhere near making the cut.