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Year2's Week 3 Picks

Alabama is going to win big.
Alabama is going to win big.

Last week: 7-4 straight up, 3-7 against the spread

Season: 18-4 straight up, 8-9 against the spread

After a great first week, I didn't do so hot last week. Here's hoping for a better Week 3.

Auburn (-16.5) over Louisiana-Monroe 30-20

ULM will have Auburn's full attention after last week's big win over Arkansas, and ULM won't have Auburn's signals. However, I don't think Auburn is good enough to completely run away with it.

Alabama (-20) over Arkansas 45-6

As the Solid Verbal guys like to say, I'll take Alabama minus whatever in this one. Tyler Wilson's status really doesn't affect that pick either way.

Texas A&M (-12) over SMU 33-17

The Aggies showed me something good last week. If they can build on in in this their second game, it should be no problem.

Florida (+3) over Tennessee 23-20

I'm still picking my preseason picks with this one, as I generally stick with them through the first couple of weeks barring some kind of major event. It'll be close though. I don't expect either team to run away with it.

Kentucky (-6.5) over Western Kentucky 13-9

U-G-L-Y you ain't got no alibi

Missouri (-5.5) over Arizona State 33-30

Missouri should be fine as long as it doesn't have another fourth quarter meltdown, but I am taking the points because I have no feel at all for how good ASU is. Call it a hedge.

South Carolina (-33.5) over UAB 48-10

Steve Spurrier has been talking up UAB all week, probably to keep his team focused. UAB isn't very good though.

Mississippi State (-16.5) over Troy 23-3

This feels like it wants to be a trap game after the big win over Auburn, and it probably is, but Troy just lost to UL-Lafayette.

Georgia (-41.5) over FAU 55-0

FAU is dreadful.

LSU (-42.5) over Idaho 41-0

Probably going to be a replay of the first week when LSU won big but not by enough to cover a huge spread.

Texas (-10) over Ole Miss 30-10

This line feels suspiciously low, but I trust Manny Diaz and Ole Miss's defense isn't there yet.

The Bakery

Vanderbilt over Presbyterian 49-10