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Report: Tyler Wilson Out for Alabama Game [Updated]

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Arkansas radio host Bo Mattingly has reported that Tyler Wilson won't see the field this weekend against Alabama:

I'm not familiar with Mattingly, but a couple members of the Alabama newspaper press are passing this tidbit around and accepting it as true. That's good enough for a blog post.

This is not a particularly surprising development given that Wilson hasn't been much involved in practice all week. He threw some passes on Wednesday in shorts, but didn't show on Thursday because, in John L. Smith's words, "he was busy".

It's also likely for the best. Wilson left last Saturday's game due to a blow to the head. Arkansas hasn't used the c-word, but at the very least, the precautions being taken are consistent with those for a player who has sustained a concussion. The research on football players who have had blows to the head is still maturing, but there's a general consensus that more time to rest afterwards is better than less time.

Ultimately, I don't think it would have made much of a difference whether Wilson played or not against Alabama. The Razorbacks would have a better chance of scoring points with Wilson, but let's face it. If Arkansas's defense couldn't slow down ULM's offense, Bama will rip it to shreds.


We'll see, but I doubt Wilson will go. This feels like a smokescreen.