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SEC Blitz, Week 3

Kiehl Frazier and Auburn's offense will see a different kind of look in ULM's 3-3-5 stack this weekend.
Kiehl Frazier and Auburn's offense will see a different kind of look in ULM's 3-3-5 stack this weekend.

Going around the horn in the conference to catch up with what's going on at each school.

Alabama: Roll Bama Roll is analyzing what the loss of Jalston Fowler for the year means for the Crimson Tide.

Arkansas: Arkansas Expats is handicapping who the head coach next coach might be and is unhappy with Jeff Long's leadership right now.

Auburn: College and Magnolia is breaking down the 3-3-5 defense in advance of the team seeing it from ULM this weekend.

Florida: Alligator Army diagrams some of the differences between Florida's first and second half defense against A&M.

Georgia: Dawg Sports would like to warn you about the Tiger Hotel in Columbia, the only bad part about UGA's trip to Mizzou last weekend. UPDATE: The publicity got the guy a refund!

Kentucky: A Sea of Blue assembled some of the best coaching minds ever to discuss Kentucky's problems.

LSU: And the Valley Shook has a detailed rundown of the team's win over Washington.

Ole Miss: Red Cup Rebellion began a conversation with Texas blog Burnt Orange Nation that will continue through the week, so look out for future installments.

Mississippi State: For Whom the Cowbell Tolls asks whether this year's team can defy history and keep on winning.

Missouri: Rock M Nation examines the Tigers' battered offensive line and discusses how it's the key to the season.

South Carolina: Garnet and Black Attack argues that Steve Spurrier is the rightful claimant to the title of "Dean of SEC Coaches".

Tennessee: Rocky Top Talk projects a slim win for the Volunteers this weekend.

Texas A&M: Good Bull Hunting posts this week's installment of its excellent The Tailgate series of previews, and it wonders why College Station doesn't have any Waffle Houses.

Vanderbilt: Anchor of Gold is very disappointed in the effort at Northwestern from last Saturday.