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7-on-7 Coach Alleges Improper Benefit for Mississippi State's Will Redmond

Nashville 7-on-7 coach Byron De'Vinner told first a radio show and then The Clarion-Ledger that he saw a Mississippi State booster give money to Mississippi State freshman Will Redmond while Redmond was still a recruit:

De’Vinner confirmed to The Clarion-Ledger on Tuesday afternoon that he called into the radio show, and added that the handshake between the booster and Redmond included about "$200." He declined to answer further questions.

"Will Redmond is a kid that was basically taken advantage of by a booster and by an assistant coach," De’Vinner said on the radio show.

De'Vinner says Redmond received some other benefits, and he alleges that former MSU wide receivers coach Angelo Mirando was aware of this going on. He says he has talked to the NCAA about the matter.

Mirando resigned abruptly back in August for "personal reasons". Joe Schad reported a few days later that the real cause of the resignation was due to the NCAA investigating his recruiting of at least one player, and he added that Redmond was potentially involved. MSU then issued a statement saying that it was assisting the NCAA in the investigation of a "recruiting irregularity". Finally, a few days later, we found out that MSU had disassociated a booster.

All of this prior information lines up neatly with De'Vinner's story, though Redmond's high school coach at Memphis East High School Marcus Wimberly told that the process of Redmond being recruited was "on the up and up". Redmond is not the only reason why NCAA is sniffing around in the city. Auburn freshman Jovon Robinson is sitting out due forged grades on his transcript at his Memphis high school. The NCAA is still interviewing people for that case, and the Memphis Commercial-Appeal's Geoff Calkins says that reporters from ESPN, Yahoo, and CBS are also in the area.


Pat Forde at Yahoo! Sports has a lot more details from De'Vinner, including expanded allegations of benefits Redmond received from the booster and allegations that the booster paid for De'Vinner's lodging and some meals on Redmond's official visit to Starkville.