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SEC Football Television Schedule Week 3

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The season keeps chugging along, but we're still in the icky part where there are a lot of bad non-conference opponents. We'll get this thing going real good shortly.


Florida at Tennessee, 6:00 pm ET, Saturday, ESPN

It's the only matchup of ranked teams in the league and College GameDay will be there, so naturally it's not the CBS Game of the Week. That's planning ahead!


Louisiana-Monroe at Auburn, 12:21 pm ET, SEC Network

ULM beating an SEC team? Like that would ever happen, especially in the early game slot where no conference teams ever show up flat and blow games they shouldn't. Pshaw.

Presbyterian at Vanderbilt, 12:30 pm ET, CSS

A game for the ages.

Alabama at Arkansas, 3:30 pm ET, CBS

And you thought Bama's win over Michigan was ugly.

Texas A&M at SMU, 3:30 pm ET, FSN

This matchup of former SWC foes is the kind that really doesn't feel like it has anything to do with the SEC yet.

Western Kentucky at Kentucky, 7:00 pm ET, ESPNU

A rematch of the game that gave us "They s'posed to be SEC". What catch phrase will it give us this year?

Arizona State at Missouri, 7:00 pm ET, ESPN2

You can tell this one was scheduled before Mizzou joined the conference. Only Tennessee, LSU, and Georgia have been granted waivers to play Pac-12 teams. That's a little-known policy instituted after Arkansas had an unfortunate run-in with USC.

UAB at South Carolina, 7:00 pm ET, FSN

This Garrick McGee guy leading UAB probably won't give South Carolina too many problems. I mean, I doubt he has in the past.

Mississippi State at Troy, 7:00 pm ET, ESPN3

Here's the test for MSU: one week after getting a huge conference win over Auburn, you have to go on the road to the ominous environment of... a Sun Belt also-ran?

FAU at Georgia, 7:30 pm ET, CSS

Continuing the SEC's Tour de Sun Belt.

Idaho at LSU, 8:00 pm ET, PPV

There's something that just feels so right about LSU and the Vandals getting together.

Texas at Ole Miss, 9:15 pm ET, ESPN

Two things I know for sure about this one: the Rebels will win the party, and Texas A&M fans will gladly pitch in with their favorite insults.