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Florida 27, Bowling Green 14: A Win is a Win. Technically Speaking

Not exactly putting their best foot forward.
Not exactly putting their best foot forward.

Florida won. That's the important thing on the first week of the season -- it cannot be said enough that Week 1 games are often deceptive in college football, which unlike the NFL has no preseason. Florida is 1-0 and likely to remain ranked when next week's polls are released.

But anyone who watched this game couldn't help but come away a little concerned about the Gators' chances this year. Florida managed 361 yards against a defense that was ranked 8th in the MAC last year. Bowling Green actually had more first downs (23) than Florida (14). It's best to save the discussion of Will Muschamp's deployment of his quarterbacks for another day.

And while the Florida defense statistically did pretty well overall (4.1 yards allowed per offensive snap), it also gave up four drives of more than 50 yards, including one of 89 yards. Bowling Green missed two field goals at critical points in the game.

At the same time, there were also some positive takeaways for Florida. Mike Gillislee ran for 148 yards and two touchdowns on 24 carries. And once he was given the opportunity, Jeff Driskel seemed to grab control of the quarterback position and grow some on each play, even though he ended the day just 10-of-16 for 114 yards and a touchdown through the air. (Driskel also had a couple of big runs.)

So Florida didn't exactly announce itself as a player in the SEC East just yet. But even though the game gave Gators fans plenty to worry about, it also gave the other teams on Florida's schedule a reason or two to be concerned.